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Tilt and Turn Windows

Our Tilt and Turn PVC Window that acts like a door. Turn the handle by 90 degrees to tilt the window to allow air in, or turn the handle by a further 90 degrees to open the window inwards like a door.

Ideal for fire escape openings, or where openings are too big for standard casement windows.

Royal Window’s tilt & turn window give twice the benefits from the same window.

When you want full access simply open the window fully. Otherwise, just tilt it inwards for adequate ventilation.


  1. Versatile Functionality: Our Tilt and Turn PVC windows operate like a door. Tilt the handle 90 degrees to allow air in, or turn it another 90 degrees to open the window inwards like a door.
  2. Safety Feature: Perfect for fire escape openings or where larger openings are needed, making them a safe and practical choice.
  3. Dual Benefits: Royal Windows’ tilt and turn windows offer twice the benefits in one. Fully open the window for complete access, or tilt it inwards for ventilation.
  4. Enhanced Ventilation: Easily control airflow by tilting the window, ensuring adequate ventilation in any room.
  5. Convenience: These windows provide the flexibility and ease of use to meet diverse needs, combining security with practicality.

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Royal Windows uses the best of tilt and turn fittings to give you smooth operation for many years. They are easily cleaned from inside. Our PVC Tilt and Turn PVC Windows are A-Rated saving our on your heating bills.
Over the years there has been many new styles of Tilt & Turn windows and doors introduced into homes all over the world.
Improve the appearance of your home by choosing from wide range of new style and new colors. Example :Bay windows, Georgian style or decorative glass.
Every home should have secure windows in their home, and with our windows comes peace of mind that all our windows are glazed from the inside, which means the glass can only be removed from the inside of your home.

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